Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Planning Part 2

I am trying to put my finishing touches on Easter. We found a dress for Renata and the Easter baskets are all ready to go except the chocolate bunnies I keep forgetting to get. I actually just keep trying to get them without the children seeing them but hasn't happened yet.We dyed our eggs and I am going to do the Resurrection Eggs thingy tomorrow (we usually do this all week because the kids love it but I just got sidetracked a bit this year so just two days.)

I made a necklace for myself that I can't decide if I like. Too big? Here in the South big in jewelry = good but I am not sure I am convinced. I finished a spring wreath and ...drum roll please...I finally finished my Easter banner!!!!!(Sorry the picture is so lousy. You can actually see all the letters and lilies well in person.)

At our church we have a big lamb or pig roast for Easter and we all just bring sides. It is nice not to have the pressure of preparing a whole meal. I just have to think up a great salad and I'm bringin' Sangria!It is supposed to be in the 80s. Fun Times.

And next week we have our Resurrection Ball. Which I can't think about yet because I need to finish Easter fun first. Now I have to go wash my hands because I smell like cow manure from working in the garden all day.


fosterheartsathome said...

Sangria!!!!! :)

Kimberly said...

No to go cups, Karla! =)

Margaret said...

It's very pretty, as to the size question . . . as long as it doesn't feel as if you have three yolks hanging around your neck ;-)

Jennifer said...

That nest looks so cool! What about putting it on a longer necklace? Or using it at a brooch?