Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Things

 Here are some of the new things I got from Pottery Barn while my mom was here. A really pretty new quilt and shams. George and Ward wanted to show you how comfy they are.

 A new rug. I love love these sisal ones. They don't show stains much and keep dirt from tracking everywhere. I got a nice smaller one for my front door that I really needed to keep the dirt from getting in the house. George also wanted you to see the new car puzzle Grandma brought him that he did on my floor.
 The boys just decided they needed to be in every picture. So even though this is for you to see the cool green clay lantern in the background there are children making kissy faces at you in the foreground.

And last is the terrarium I got for Christmas but couldn't fit in my car to bring home. It is super fun and is already full of my seeds. I feel like my house was redone in one day.

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