Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wake Up Call

My 22 month old son has a habit of coming into my room early 6:30ish and cuddling with me till I get up with him. He also has a fascination with hair and twirls his own at the top of his head all the time. He also loves to twirl yours if you are cuddling with him. Being very pregnant at this point I'm reluctant to get up in the morning and my wake up time keeps getting later.

Well, yesterday George came in and cuddled as usual. He was playing with my hair but as the time crept to 7:30 he got bored and decided to stick the hair he was playing with up my nose. Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh, that is the worst tickley feeling you can get. I definitely was awake after that and hoping he would not realize how effective his tactic in waking me up was.

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