Monday, July 7, 2008

New Rug

An long time friend of my parents was getting rid of this fun animal rug. I always liked it and was happy to have it. It was intended to put in the boys' room but I liked it and wanted it for my living room. Fun isn't it?

I usually have a cream colored slip cover for the blue couch but Joffre Jr is still using it for his bed while he recoups. I really want new curtains which I hate trying to pick out and I need to figure out how to hang pictures on my plaster walls. Any one have any tips? The kids saw the photo op and immediately sat down and posed. It was funny.

Joffre Jr. is crawling around the house but very hesitant to walk still. He crawls upstairs and everything.

I also rearranged my den recently to make a library/schoolroom. It looks a lot nicer but I can't find the picture so you'll have to take my word for it.

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Laurie said...

Do you have picture rails at the top of your walls? Then you don't have to nail anything into the plaster. I almost thought you painted that rug on the floor--it is awesome! I love your taste. Miss you bunches. Call me sometime.