Sunday, July 20, 2008


I went blueberry picking with my father in law and we got about 2 gallons. I made jam and canned some whole and froze some. We went pretty early in the season and there were still alot of green ones which made the picking slower. I might try to go again this week. only $5 a gallon.Isn't that awesome. It's a nice old couple who have been in the same house for 70 years or something and have a grove? of blueberry bushes in their backyard. When we finished picking they invited us to sit and tell them something interesting.

My garden looks lousy this year and I'm bummed, but I have been able to do much with it this year. Drought and lack of good tilling seemed to do a number on it. I'm still getting those weirdo cucumbers and the tomatoes are ripening but the bushes look spindley. =(

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