Sunday, January 20, 2008


So this morning I woke up to see a huge pot of soup and a bit of a mess in my kitchen. Joffre decided to make our Sabbath lunch a midnight last night. I look in the pot an got an inkling of the ingredients and turned my nose up at it. Joffre likes to use a lot of ingredients. For instance, just by looking and sniffing the pots contents I came up with this list: curry, noodles, tomatoes, cucumbers, ricotta cheese, collard greens, fish, cream, and mexican peppers. That is probably not the full list.

So when my husband got up and said "you don't have to make lunch. I did." I wasn't what a wife should be...sweet and happy for having a thoughtful husband. I wrinkled my nose at the soup and grimaced. Joffre was defensive and we came to a standstill, went to church and came home.

Well we ended up having sandwiches for lunch (Joffre's suggestion) and soup for dinner. So Joffre is still napping and the kids and I just finished bowls of the soup and you know what.......yep, you guessed it. It's really good soup.I'll just go finish my humble pie.


Joffre said...

There was no ricotta cheese, sweet baby, just cream. I used the ricotta for those almond noodles I made last week for the kids.

Faydra said...

Funny. Glad to here there was no ricotta cheese but it still sounds kinda gross. I'd have been right there with you, Kim.

aly said...

I kind of think the point of soup is to use up the stuff that is going bad in the fridge. It can be hit or miss at our house. I bet you didn't know I read your blog.

Kimberly said...

I bet you didn't know I read yours! Ha.