Saturday, January 19, 2008

Noah's Ark

I got this really cool pop up book of Noah's ark at the thrift store. (I love buying books for the bookstore and getting to keep some of the neat ones for ourselves.) Anyway, I gave it to Joffre Jr. and it has little animals made of paper to put into the ark as well as Noah and the fam and little storybook. So Joffre was placing all the animals in the ark which has separated compartments for various animals. ( You don't want to put the bears and pigs together, for example.) So Joffre puts a tiger in a compartment and then he picks up a woman figure.

"Who's this , Mommy?"

"That's one of Noah's son's wives. Maybe it's Ham's wife."

"Better put her in the boat so she doesn't die." He then carefully placed the woman right next to the tiger in its compartment.

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