Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hat Love

I saw this hat on Etsy and I love it. I wish I could justify buying it but I've become addicted to ebay and overspent a bit. I have been buying books and furniture at the thrift store for the bookstore and it's gone to my head. Super hat though, isn't it?


Jennifer said...

I love it! How could you tempt me so? I am so big on hats, but hardly ever seem to wear the ones I own. You should get this one for me!

Kimberly said...

Jen the point of the post was how much I liked the hat. You should get the hat for me!

Moriah Barach said...

Great hat! I actually just bought one similar to that but it's in a brown tweed. AVON carries a line of clothing & fashion in their Mark section that's great. You can look at it here if you like.


Moriah Barach said...


Here's a shorter link. :-)