Monday, September 17, 2007


Renata is now 4 and George is officially 1 year old.

Renata is now helping her brother wash his hands and keeping her other brother away from the toilet which he likes to try to play in. She is already a clothes horse and likes to change her clothes at least twice a day until mean Mom tells her to put back on her original outfit because 8 loads of laundry a week is plenty. She plays with her new Target hearts club dolls (a more wholesome looking Barbieish doll) and sets up the doll furniture to play with. She loves to play games on the computer and is learning to read. Her new favorite show is Magic School Bus and I'm a big fan too.

George says Dada, cacker, down and a few other wordish words. He struts around the house like he owns it and believes it too. He is really big on walking around the house, gesturing, and babbling a speech out to any who are in hearing distance. He makes me think of Mad Eyed Moody in Harry Potter, "Constant vigilance!".


Lauren said...

I love your blog!!

I love being up to date on all things Swait!

Magic School bus, eh? Miss Frizzle is the best, Renata. Nice choice. (See what being a teacher of 4 year olds does to you!?)

Love from Memphis

Kimberly said...

Lauren,you need to start a blog. it would be hilarious to hear all your funny stories from the pre-k boys.

Alaina said...

It's rather belated, but -- Happy Birthday to your kiddos! They look so cute! (lol on your HP reference)