Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On A Raft to Antarctica

Recently I came to the realization how necessary it is for parents to teach their kids to play. I tend to want my kids to be independent of me as soon as they are able in most things, but I realized they still need me to teach them how to play with their toys and how to imagine senarios for make believe. Basically, I am on a crusade to play with my kids a bit more.

So today we made rafts out of blankets on the carpet and we went to Antarctica. I had the kids pack for the trip. You know, potatoes, blankets, pillow, Noah's ark toy, etc. Whatever they could cram on the raft came. They got into the spirit and started pointing out penguins and whales. Renata kept saying "Brrrrrr.. it's cold here in Antarctica," and then asking for some of the cheese crackers she brought onto the raft.( Much smarter choice than her brother who brought the potatoes.) Their favorite part was when Joffre fell into the "water" and we had to drag him back into the raft. He there after kept fling himself overboard. He also shot at crocodiles with his potatoes because he left his gun in his room where his brother was napping. ( You didn't know there were crocodiles in Antarctica?) Fun was had by all.


Lauren said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! What a great Mom you are!! I hope that by the time I have my own kids (and they don't PAY me to play with them) that I will do such things, too!

Love to you from Memphis!!

Jennifer said...

What fun! Playing make-believe is even cooler when an adult is playing along. Next, you'll have to build forts - they're the best!

Kimberly said...

We have built forts a lot but I haven't done it in a while. That'll be fun next. I also want to have a picnic soon in our yard. Renata is getting a little picnic basket with cups and such for her birthday Tues. so we'll have one after that.I also want to do the raft thing on the bed. Then it's really fun to fall overboard and be hauled back up.