Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Bookstore

Well I've been painting at the bookstore. We are having the necessary renovations done to make the place handicap accessible. They are putting in a counter and sinks for the coffee bar and register. I'm painting the children's room so I can get cracking on the mural. We are having the hard wood floors in two of the rooms refinished.(Why would anyone carpet hardwood floors?)

It's getting pretty exciting. I'll be really excited when I get to work on the mural. I have totally enjoyed the change of scenery, not being at home with the kids and fooling around with paint. Then coming home to Joffre making dinner (fried chicken yum!) and my kids saying, "mommy mommy!" and giving me a big hug. Very nice indeed.

I love painting a room for the final product. It is making me resolve to paint my mint green and pink bathroom that I have been planning on painting for months. I'll post some pictures soon.

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Alaina said...

Looking forward to pictures. What fun to be involved in setting up a bookstore! Sounds like a nice change of pace.