Friday, January 13, 2012

Changeable Kid's Artwork Frames

I saw this idea (actually a similar one) on Pintrest and I decided to try it. Sorry the pictures are not great but this is the best I could do in this part of the house. I am determined to actually do the things I pin on Pintrest. So I took some spray paint and prayed some frames I had and I put white paper in the frames and put the glass back in the frames.  Then I hot glued the clips to the glass (it is easy to scrape/peel it off later if I want to use the frames in the normal way).  The original way I saw had the frames empty and clips nailed to the walls. I didn't do this because 1) holes in our walls get huge because they are plaster and 2) my walls are ( I have flat paint and scrubbing produces smears . I just need to repaint!) so I didn't want the dirty walls behind the pictures framing them.  

And here we are. I do need to put the kid's pictures under books so they are flatter and make a few mop0-ore horizontal frames. (Kid's seem to really like doing horizontal pictures more than vertical. ? Wonder why?)

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