Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boys Adrift

I am almost finished reading the book, Boys Adrift, after reading a post someone else wrote about it. This is one of those books people around me have been talking about but I just wasn't paying attention . It's very good and I highly recommend it to moms with boys.

It is about a family physician who noticed how many boys were not motivated, lazy, and on drugs for ADHD. So he researched to find conclusions as to why. He has 5 factors that he thinks play into the problem. Some are the school's systems, environment toxins and things like video games and porn. He ranges in talking about kindergarten boys to adult men still living with their parents.

His studies and research are so interesting and he comes to some good conclusions but I think he only scratches the surface of what need to be done to make things better. He talks of system changes that need to happen in schools and with manhood rituals among different cultures but he doesn't say much about the parents or family systems that need to change (probably because that is a bigger problem to be fixed and  controversial one.)

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