Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Organizing Has Begun

Sorry for the long silence, my friends. We got sick, went to Florida, got strep throat, and had Christmas and I just didn't feel like blogging much. We actually had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas between sicknesses. I hope you all had great holidays too.

I am resolved to get back in the blogging habit.

I am also resolving to get organized like everyone does this time of year but I have such limited closet space that I was struggling with where to put stuff. Then I had inspiration hit me. Hanging door organizers. So I started making them and haven't stopped. Here are a few of the things I've made to try and get organized.

This is a trash receptacle for my car. I used the cut off sleeves of a dress I decided to make short sleeved. The sleeve ends were tapered at the bottom with elastic. I sewed up the top ends and folded them in side the plastic.  Then I put a cut off 2 liter bottle in the tube and sewed on a velcro strap and voila!

 This is our new chore chart. Each child has 2 pockets. (They got to pick what fabric they wanted.) One pocket has laminated cards with the jobs on them. As they finish a job they place it in the 2nd pocket. They have to finish all their jobs before school time. I drew pictures of each job for the nonreading little kids (and because it was fun =).

  A shoe holder for my bedroom door. I am making a very similar one for packs of papers and craft supplies for the back of our homeschool closet. These and the chore chart are made from some plain old curtain panels I had. I have more and I am thinking of making some more for other closets.


Jennifer said...

I love these! You are brilliant. I'll be making some of these - they seem like perfect projects for a beginner sewer like me.

fosterheartsathome said...

Love the car trash can!!!!!