Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Sewing

I have a nice little antique desk that was my Grandmother's that I use to work on my computer. The finish on top is a little bit worn in spots so I decided to make a computer rug to protect it from my computer rubbing on it. So I did and here it is.  I am still having a lot of trouble with binding and machine quilting. I think my machine isn't strong enough for some quilting. The back has some thread "bubbles". Maybe I just have the tension wrong for quilting. Any way the linen is lovely but was tricky at the binding and got a tad messed up at the top.  

Here it is next to my mug rug. that I made a while ago.

And lastly here is a notebook cover that fits over a sketch book. I was enjoying experimenting with the scrappy squares next to linen thing. I found out two things. One is that even if the squares don't look great next to each other when big they look fun when cut into a thin strip. Two -it is easy to get a bit too Rainbow bright looking. That's my only complaint about the cover here. Too many colors. (I should have left out the purple.) But it was fun and now I know what I like.


mamajen said...
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mamajen said...

You need a running foot, it holds the layers together and is great for knits as well. I used to never take mine off the old machine. I deleted the other post b/c my ipad had a ton of typos.