Sunday, October 23, 2011


 So life has been busy. We got a new roof (I haven't taken a picture yet.) and a new bathroom floor!After lugging four boxes of tile (which are VERY heavy) home I decided I didn't like it and lugged it back before picking out this one.  I really like it and now I am going to repaint this bathroom. I had a green linoleum floor before and had to work with a green color. Now I think I am going blue.

While the plumber was replacing the toilet in this bathroom he noticed we needed a sink in the other and offered this nice pedestal sink to us for free. It looks so nice.


Jennifer said...

The floor looks beautiful! I'm so excited for you. The pedestal sink is so nice - but won't you miss the petal pink? ;)

kendra said...

Hooray for new tile! Looks great!