Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Likes & Dislikes

I asked the kids what they liked and disliked and this is what they said. It is funny to see what they said after each other. Ward really got into saying what he liked.

Ward 2 yrs: 
Likes: Trains ( especially Thomas, cucumbers, peanuts, raisins, food in general, Lightning McQueen ( anything Cars), and cars
Dislikes: (he couldn't come up with any so I am venting..ahem...sharing) sharing his train set, sharing his cars, sharing in general, staying in bed at naptime and
 mornings ( such a crank...like his mother)
 George 4 yrs:
Likes: Batman, stickers, Legos-especially Star Wars ones, carrots, spinach, cucumbers
Dislikes: mushrooms

Joffre Jr. 5 yrs:
Likes: Star Wars legos, soldiers, watermelon, playing basketball, NFL anything
Dislikes: Fairies and Princesses, zucchini

Renata 7yrs:

Likes: Plants, fairies, princesses, bright colors, to write, to draw, to sew, read, watch t.v, apples, pizza
Dislikes: onions, dull colors, rain, cold

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