Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Gift

I was given a monetary present that I had to spend on myself recently. So I started searching Craigslist and thrift stores for an armoire to hide out T.V. and stereo stuff and give me more storage. I will mention here that our 115 year old house only has 3 small closets.This has been a big challenge for me because I am a little bit of a pack rat. I have lots of supplies to make all kinds of things because I like to make all kinds of things but it is tough in a house without closets. So my favorite piece of furniture right now is an armoire. I need about 50 to store all our stuff. Anyway, I got this one with my gift and it's great. It's unfinished pine so if the urge every strikes me I can paint it. Right now I like it unfinished.The other pictures are the "before" pictures of how I was storing the stuff. I will try to get a better whole living room shot when I get the pictures back up on the walls.

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