Monday, January 12, 2009

What I've Been Doing

Making cloth diapers. Not bad for the first one.

Making Sketchbooks and journals. Tried using felt for the cover of one but it needs some tweeking.
I'm working on a reproducible garden journal I might try to sell on Etsy. The only problem is that I'm not a perfectionist about my journal making.

I'm also starting the Living Room Project. I'll blog about that when something actually gets done on it.

And here are my lastest thrift store finds:A great basket, it is nicer than the picture shows. (I'm a baskaholic. They are only a dollar at our thrift store here and I pick up every nice one I can find. That's as much as a gift bag and who wouldn't rather have a basket over a gift bag? Because baskets are awesome. I digress.) A hand quilted twin blanket with a fun 70's floral print. I found 3 of these. I'm going to try to sell 2 on Etsy. They were only $6 each! Rock the Casbah! This old travel case is also going on Ebay. I think these are great for storage and this one is in a fun color. I also got a linen table cloth I dyed dark brown and 2 sets of curtains that I'm I haven't decided what color to dye. It was an overall good sweep.


kendra said...

wow, you have been busy! I'm super impressed by your diaper making! I finally pulled out my sewing machine this weekend for the first time since I got it a year ago, trying to make some stuffies for Zeke and his cousin who's due a couple months before he is... let's just say so far it's been a disaster. I am going to just spend a ton of $$ on some Bum Genius diapers and leave it at that... I'm not nearly adept enough to make my own! But again, color me impressed by your craftiness!

Kimberly said...

It took some serious time to learn to make those. I bought a pattern from Kayla's cloth kits and she has a picture sew along on her web site. I never could have figured it out without the sew along.You can actually buy pretty good cloth diapers from babies r us if you can believe it. They are called Kushies and are a good price (only online).

I also should mention this stuff is about 3 months worth of work.

aly said...

I am impressed! Someone once gave me a pattern for making cloth diapers, but it was too intimidating. I just bought Fuzzi Bunz, which I still have, 5 years later. I wish I could say I still used them, too, but I have enough laundry I am not keeping up with.

kendra said...

I got a few Kushies online because I had a $20 off $50 at WalMart, so I will give those a try, too. But the thing I like about the bumGenius is they grow with the baby, so i won't have to buy a bunch of each size. But that's super cool that you made your own, have you started using them?