Saturday, January 17, 2009

Joffre and George were playing with play doh and Joffre said, " Look Mom, a car." He held up a blob of pink doh. A few minutes later, "Hey Mom, Look a house." (I promise you it was the same blob.) Next it was a cake.

He also was explaining two of my paintings to George. "Yeah that one is Daddy eating paper and over there Mommy is getting cooked." I must seem to have a horrific mind to my poor children. ( The paintings are actually Joffre imitating ezekiel eating a scroll and the other is me in a golden bowl of incense, a reference to a passage in revelation that are prayers are like a golden bowl of inscense in front of the throne of God. I actually scratched my prayers in the paint of the background.)

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Faydra said...

There's a coffee table book for you... Full page glossies of famous art and next to it kids' quotes about the piece with the child's name and age.