Monday, November 24, 2008

So I've gotten more than one complaint that I have been lagging in the area of posting on my blog. I just tried to sit down and post 5 minutes ago only to have the dryer signal go off and have the baby start crying. Even as we speak I have to take a break because the baby I am jiggling on my knee is still crying.

1 hour later

Ward is really cute now. He smiles a lot and is cooing back at you when you talk to him. It makes up for the late night fussiness.

Today I was playing with the kids and I saw these two puppets we have, an alligator and a monkey. I picked them up and was playing with them and the kids loved it like crazy but Georgie looked a bit nervous. He finally blurted out to me, "I scared, Mama." I make the alligator pretend to bite them/ tickle them and the monkey read to them and is sweet. George said," I don't like alligator. I don't like monkey." ( this is George's new favorite phrase, "I don't like ..." it is very annoying when dressing him. i.e."I don't like this shirt ,Mommy.") He didn't even want to go to sleep with the alligator in the room. I had to bring them both down with me. Poor guy. I really didn't do anything scary with them but he is so firm in him belief they are real. I tried to show him how Mommy makes them move and talk but he was still scared. I told him to go to his big brave brother Joffre if he was scared.Joffre Jr.'s chest visibly puffed up.

Speaking of Joffre Jr. , he was asked by his Dad if he wanted to tag along to a girls birthday party and play with the girl's brothers or stay with him at work. He looked at Joffre, put his hand on his cheek, and patted it saying , "Some other time, Dad."

Renata is drawing all these fun drawings. It is really fun to see what she comes up with. My favorite is a mountain chef in a kitchen with stove and fridge cooking for 3 girls in the background.

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