Monday, June 2, 2008

I made these cinnamon rolls 2 days in a row and ate at least 5 each day. The joy of being pregnant.

I also did this drawing of our bedroom and I think I like it. George was very curious and checked my progress every 5 minutes or so by yanking down on the top of the drawing. Then he kept trying to grab an oil pastel and add his own interpretations. Cute but terrible annoying when you are trying to draw. Luckily bed time arrived.

My garden is growing and I am eagerly awaiting fresh tomatoes and basil. I found over 24 tomato "weeds" and some cucumber "weeds" growing up from my composting of the old plants. I have about 10 tomatoes already so I'll try to get someone from church to take the plants. I hate to yank them up as weeds.
It's been hard not to be able to go out and weed like I used to when the kids played outside. I can't lift Joffre Jr with his cast while I'm pregnant to take him out. It also might make him sweat and have an itchier cast. Poor little guy. He's doing really well. Some trouble at night but otherwise he is pretty content.

I have also started homeschooling Renata and Joffre. Joffre is still pretty young for most of it but he does some with her and it is a nice distraction for him. I'm still trying to figure out how to distract George while I teach the others. He's not the type to sit quietly in the corner and color. He wants to be doing what we are so it is tricky. Renata is taking to it very well. She doesn't like to do the writing much but it seems very few children like that part at first. She's asking for more work at nap time and that is rewarding.

Well I think I updated enough for now. I'm off to eat some delicious Guava paste my father-in-law brought me from Brazil. (Life is a lot about food right now.)


kendra said...

what a wonderfully long and update-like post. I love those. You should do it more often. You know, like how i'm so good at keeping my blog updated. ;-)

i'm still super jealous of your garden. and i think it's awesome that you're homeschooling. you should remind me how old each of your kiddos is because i forget these things.

Kimberly said...

Renata is 4, Joffre Jr. is 3 and George is almost 2. Renata will be 5 in August and I decided to get a head start on kindergarten with her during summer because I'll take some time off from it in Oct. when the new baby comes. Joffre Jr is really just playing at school.