Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Garden Part 2

I was having trouble writing on my last post so it is just pictures and here is the lovely text. My garden is growing. I took off my first zucchini tonight. very exciting. We've been eating plums from our plum tree every day. I collect them each day and think,"I'll preserve this bunch as jam or something," and I wake up to find them all eaten. Humph. Giant husbands. (that sounds like I have three) I'm feeling punchy tonight. I just finished making a stick trellis I had high hopes for and it looks kind of....silly. Humph. I used these old baby gates I got at a garage sale for a $1 as trellises for my cucumbers and I really like how they look. Little tomatoes are forming and I have a few hot peppers on their plant. I want to make salsa this year. I bought jars and a canning pot at the thrift store. I'm determined.

In other news, Joffre Jr's leg looks good according to the doctor. He even said he could walk on it if he wanted to. He has an appt. on June 30th to get it taken off. Yeah! We are having some kids over for a pizza and movie night tomorrow. They can all sit on his bed and watch it with him.

School work is going well too. I started teaching the kids drawing from Drawing With Children and they love it. Renata's drawings look really good. Joffre has a hard time still because he's only 3 and doesn't have the motor skills but he loves me to help him a bit. It's such a good beginner program especially for little kids. I am amazed that some schools used it for their entire art curriculum for elementary school though. It's limited especially in media.

Well that's all for the moment.

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