Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. I even did my Sat. ritual of garage saleing which any good garage saler knows is dumb because nobody has garage sales on holiday weekends, but I did find some and got this fun vase with raised dots on it.
We decorated the store and our house including our Christmas tree. Renata was so excited about decorating the tree she literally was jumping up and down. When we finished she asked if tomorrow was going to be Christmas.
I also have been meaning to post a picture of a present from my father-in-law. It is a picture of his I wanted blown up and framed. Lovely isn't it?I did decide it would look better in our living room if the walls were painted another color. A good reason, I thought, but Joffre did not look enthusiastic.

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Alaina said...

We put up our tree on the 24th, too. I love Christmas and making the house festive with decorations! The neat thing about our current house is the fireplace in the living room, which has a mantlepiece perfect for pine boughs.