Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I just finished watching The Incredibles which always puts me in a good mood. I also just recently saw Ratatouille. That movie was made for Joffre. He is watching it for the first time tonight and I'm excited for him. It was a fun movie and coolly enough it talks about creation and recreation . So fun to hear from a secular mouth. It did gross me out to see all those rats moving in a kitchen and hard to sympathize with them. I'm super tired but I really want to watch Joffre watch this movie.

On an unrelated note, I got a job! I'm working at this fabulous used book store/ coffee place called The Silver Chair. My boss is a dream. A total hunk and tall, oh so tall. I go for the tall ones. I hope he won't be a pain about training but hey, I get to go work at the store all day without kids and when it is slow I can work on my mural and my kids get to hang out with their Dad. Fun times.

Speaking of fun times, check out my friend, Lauren's new blog www.mlsinmemphis.blogspot.com
She is hilarious.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

I hope your employer has a strict harassment policy. Sounds as if your boss is in serious danger. ;-)

joy said...

hi, there. i think we met briefly about a month ago when i came into the silver chair with stephanie young to hang out for a few hours. you were working on the wall and the kids were introducing themselves to milton and having a grand old time. anyway, i just was googling some silver-chair-related stuff so that i could point my brother and a friend your way, and i found your blog. very nice. i'm checking out etsy, also. have a great day!
~ joy