Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who Knew It Was So Easy To Make Bath Salts?

I was reading this blog and found a simple recipe for making bath salts. I was intrigued and I'm not that interested in bath salts. I just never thought how easy it would be to make your own.

I was just thinking about Mother's Day which is also our anniversary this year. Lots of people to love. Presents need to be fun not work or they're wrong. I found an interesting site about making Christmas gifts. One idea was to read a book and record yourself as a" book on tape" present. Fun. My husband gave me an awesome gift for Christmas last year: two books and a coupon book of readings. He has to read something he wrote on the coupon like a chapter of the Bible or an essay of Wendell Berry's or a short story when I want it. It had some other fun coupons like "a sexy eyebrow waggle". He's great.

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bath salts guy said...

I agree. Bath salts are really easy to do. You just basically grab a hold of the basic ingredients, and then mix them. That's it! Then you can add the extras later, like color, pretty containers etc.