Friday, May 25, 2007

My Beautiful Compost Bin

This is my new compost bin that I am very very happy about. Some people compost because it cuts down on smelly trash, but that only makes me a little happy. I love to think of my compost turning into lovely plant food for my garden instead of yucky chemicals. (It is a bit sad to think of all the food I'm putting in the composter still having chemicals in it, but, hey, there is only so much a woman can do.) Even my neighbor is contributing. My mom always had a compost bin for her garden in Florida and, man, it would whip out humus in a week it seemed. All that sunshine. I'm so hyped.

I also found some artichoke seeds after searching forever. I love artichokes to eat and they are beautiful plants to paint. They are so expensive at the grocery that it makes me want to do a jig thinking of getting 10-20 for a buck fifty. We'll see how easy it is to grow them. Next year I'm going for some asparagus, another family favorite. Jen, you better start posting some yummy recipes for the stuff I'm growing.

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Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to play around with some fresh artichoke recipes! How 'bout you send $50 my way? That'll probably take care of say, two recipes. Okay then, it's settled.