Friday, November 15, 2013

Lunch date with bacon...I mean... my husband.

Joffre and I just went on a lunch date thanks to my fantastic neighbors (if you need a babysitter I have two teenage girls who rock the job.). So we went to a restaurant called Bacon Brothers. Yes, bacon is in the title. Good start. I had a hamburger with bacon ground in it. Bacon they cure themselves and with special sauce and ketchup they make themselves. And Joffre's dad is coming into town today (sidetrack YEA!!!) and we are planning on taking him there with Joffre's sister's family next week. So I will get even more bacon..soon. I don't think I have said the word bacon enough in this post.

Joffre and I haven't been on a date in...a long...time. It was lovely.

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