Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Tour

 I've planted 2 rows of blueberries and I'm working on an arbor for the 2 raspberries I have.

 As you round the corner I have 2 rows of trees I am planting. We already have 2 dogwoods that are great for climbing and then a nectarine and a peach tree. I am hoping to get two apple trees soon.

 The kids corner with the playhouse and sandbox.
 Then this year I have built 7 raised beds myself ( I'm not proud or anything.)

 This is the beginning of a rock raised bed I am placing by our patioish area. It looks pretty rough right now but I am still working on it.
 This is the patio area.

 Some of the raised beds are terraced with a higher half of the bed. I really liked how these came out.
 This is my tepee for the pea plants. I thought it would look neat and be fun for the kids. I am in the process of making trellises for all these beds.
I had to make a new trellis for this rose and used an old baby gate I got at a garage sale. And I forgot to add the crape myrtle and iris by the back door but otherwise that is the fenced part of yard in a nutshell. I also have blackberries, and a fig tree  among other plants on the outside of the fence and we planted hedge plants ( holly and boxwood) outside the perimeter of the fence this year in preparation for taking it down in a few years.

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