Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Being Men

So my boys decided to play a game of Uno yesterday. They sat down and haggled about the rules of the game.
Then George says, "Let's pretend to be men playing a game."
Joffre agrees. Then George deepens his voice and says, "This is a great game."
Joffre responds also in a deeper voice, "Dude, don't mess up the pile!"
George (still deep voiced) "Ok, Dude. What card do I put down now." Shows Joffre all his cards.
Joffre picks out what card he should put down and the game continues.

This may not be very funny in writing but it was super cute in person. It probably helps that ones kids are always cuter than anyone elses. When did it get Manly to say "Dude"? I am going to have to talk to there father about this.

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