Thursday, June 18, 2009


Loves: Clothes, Reading, Drawing (Yea!), Compliments, Helping Dad Cook, Climbing Trees
Hates: Raw Onions, Having her Hair Brushed

Loves: Legos, Battles, Soldiers, Sliding Backwards Down Slides, Deviled Eggs
Hates: George messing with his Lego creations, Mushrooms

Loves: Cowboy outfit, Italian Salad Dressing, Batman, Pancakes, Wearing his Clothes Backwards
Hates: Naptime, Bedtime, Picking Up

Loves: Eating, Playing Gallop on Mom's Knee, His Green Blankie knit by Grandma Swait, Zeberts on the Belly
Hates: Grass (except to eat), Dirty Diapers, Not being Held when he made it perfectly clear that is what he wanted.

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MLS said...

Thanks for the post...I love seeing the pictures of your kiddos and knowing more about them!

So glad to know that Renata likes to draw!!!