Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alligator Hunt

Here is my birthday present-a peach tree newly planted a la moi. I also got 2 raspberry bushes. I'm not sure if those will do well here but it's worth a shot. i'm still waiting on my blueberries. Blueberries rock- they don't get diseases or pests and therefor don't have pesticide on them even at the grocery. They can also be grow well in containers for any of you renters.

So a while back I mentioned how George was afraid of an alligator puppet we have and pretend to bite the kids with.(The alligator who chases captain Hook in Peter Pan reinforced this.) Joffre cured Georgie of this by putting the puppet on George's hand and letting him "bite"everybody. Oh boy, did that unleash the beast in Georgie. So last night all of us were hanging out in our bedroom and off goes George only to return shortly with alligator roaring away at all of us. Then when he had spent his energy, George threw the alligator on the floor. Joffre (the big one) shushed everyone and got George and Renata to go on an alligator hunt. George grabbed his sword and they tiptoed up on the back of the alligator (so he wouldn't see them.) Georgie let that alligator have it. He whaled on it and then Daddy had them all "eat" some (especially the tasty tail). It was good fun and so cute to behold.

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