Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Little Swaits

Here are pictures of the brood. The kids are showing their superhero figures they just got for the first week of Advent.
Here is my butterball. Look at that belly! I can't get a good picture of him smiling. When he is smiling I get the wrong angle. So you get the wide eyed look. He is about 18lbs (I think) and almost 3 months.He lifts his head and pushes up on his hands to look around but hasn't rolled over yet.
Here are the boys in their footy PJs.They were such a novelty for me as a kid because you could only wear them a couple of days of the year in Florida without sweating to death. I love them.


andrew.lewis said...

Your kids are awesome and delicious, to use two words that were frequently employed by young Joffre yesterday evening.

Thanks to you and yours for good food and good fellowship.

fosterheartsathome said...

what a beautiful, colorful blanket little Ward is laying on...