Sunday, October 26, 2008


My father-in-law sent me this fun Frida Kahlo fake tattoo. (On a side note I despise Frida Kahlo. She and her husband, Diego Rivera, were adulterous and full of ugly ideas. Unfortunately, some people see a similarity between Kahlos surrealist work and mine but I refuse to acknowledge it. I'm much more medieval.) ( I do like some of her imagery even if she was ridiculously self absorbed.)

On a different note, Renata is drawing all kinds of fascinating drawings. It is fun to see what influences her to draw. She saw an orange with a Halloween face drawn on it with marker as if it had been carved. So she did a drawing of oranges with all kinds of different faces on them . they were wearing lipstick , of course.

Georgie is fascinated with shoes. Everyones' shoes but his own and always on the wrong feet. Here is a fun picture.
Joffre jr. has discovered the fun of taking your shirt and putting the neck on the top of your head. I can't think of how else to describe this but it is funny.

Ward is big and cute. Smiling a little and charming me with his dimple. He also likes to smack his lips after nursing .

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