Friday, March 7, 2008

Rainy Day

Renata is into doing her own hair and picking out her clothes for the day. She is also becoming quite the tree climber.

George is into imitating his brother. In this picture he managed to steal his brother's army hat and rifle for the 3 seconds it wasn't on Joffre's head. He pretends to shoot like Joffre even if it is with a toy asparagus.

The top picture is before the hair cut the bottom is after. What a handsome lad. Joffre watches an old tv show from the 60? called Combat with his dad . The show follows a platoon? during WW2.So Joffre is crazy about being the good American who shoots the bad guys. Unfortunately he thinks the bad guys are the Germans. we're working on that one. He also loves to compliment me by saying, "Mom, you are such a healthy woman." and gives me a kiss . We pray for our friends to be strong and healthy so now he thinks this is a compliment.

We've been having beautiful weather the past week, 70 degrees and sunny. Today is rainy and I've been trying to keep the kids from running in the house. I gave some long needed hair cuts to the boys , we painted pictures (George just tried to eat the paint, the brush and drink the paint water.), and we made banana pudding. I'm running out of ideas and it's only 10am.


Joffre Swait said...

Um...the bad guys are the Germans.

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

Three beautiful blessings!

Alaina said...

Your kids are darling and look so much like their parents! Sounds like they keep you busy...I know what that's like. So cool that we're due close to the same time!