Friday, February 8, 2008


I will not be posting for a while because I am very nauseous and throwing up often because of the baby growing in me. Please say a prayer for me this is the worst part of pregnancy for me and it is so trying to do the simplest tasks. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhh. it will be over soon. it will be over soon. If anyone has any tips I'll take them. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with this even after doing this three times already.


MLS said...

My tip? Ice Cream. It always makes me feel better =)

Sorry you don't feel well =(

Love to you!

aly said...

I always at rice chex as soon as I got up. But I think I might just be lucky. Have you tried ginger tea? Ginger is supposed to be anti-nausea. I would drink that in the afternoon to combat the afternoon-sickness. I used the tazo tea.

Moriah Barach said...

I feel your pain. My morning sickness (ha, more like all day) has been terrible with both pregnancies. The one thing I found to help me a great deal with this pregnancy was to wear Sea-Bands which puts pressure on your wrist that combats nausea. I guess some people wear them instead of taking Dramamine when they're out at sea. Our local pharmacy sold them and they were around $5 a pair. I ended up buying a few pairs and it seemed to help to change the pair every few days so that the wristbands had time to get tighter in between wearings.

Don't know if you've tried them before, but it's worth a shot. I wish I had used them with Theia. They at least gave me more hours a day that I felt well and could actually accomplish something!

Praying for you.

Kimberly said...

I've been feeling much better the past couple days.

I have figured out a couple of things but I never feel totally confident about them. Ginger helps for sure and I used to love ginger altoids but they don't sell them any more.I'd forgotten about that Tazo tea. I used that with one of my pregnancies. Thanks, Alyson. I also bought some cereal and have been eating that.

I haven't tried the sea-bands but my midwife suggested them too. I also see to be a lot sicker the day after I eat chicken which makes me curious. Hormones? So I've stopped the chicken and feel a lot better.
Thanks everyone!

Lauren said...

Ginger is a favorite for me too.

Hope you are doing well.