Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ode to Hubby

My Hubby was upset with my post about him telling me my pot was ugly. ( My very nice neighbor came over and I told her what Joffre had said about my pot. She tought he was being mean and wanted to see the pot. Her response was, "Oh Kim, that is ugly!") He said my tone sounded bitter. I am not good about understanding my tone well when I write. Anyway, I am redeeming him by telling you how great he is.

Tonight was a great night for me to sing his praises. First he cooked dinner. He cooked a delicious dinner, flank steak in Mojo, palm heart and tomato rice, and a carrot salad with lime and cilantro which was really really good. I don't like carrots much and I loved that salad. (By the way, if you are one of those people who have never had palm hearts you need to have a palm heart salad. You buy them in a can a whole (not sliced) near the canned artichokes. Put a little olive oil, rice vinegar, cilantro and tomato in with them and you will thank me later.) Then Joffre Jr. started having an accident in his underpants and it was not pee. Joffre whipped him up, had him on the potty and bath tub before I could blink. Then Joffre Jr. had another accident when he realized he had not finished. Repeat of previous senario. Next he cleaned up George and got him in the bath. Finally we were all clean and Joffre gave us all a group hug and we prayed the Our Father together. (Did you know Joffre can pick up all three kids at one time? Fun fact. I keep trying to get a picture but he doesn't do it for very long.)

So if you can't see how great my husband is you are a dipstick. And I'm sorry if I was bitter about my ugly pot. The End.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

From where I was sitting, you sounded about as bitter as a marshmallow. But aside from his misjudgement of your tone, I'll allow that your hubby appears to be a rather decent chap. ;-)

Jennifer said...

That carrot salad sounds good. I'll have to get Joffre to make us a meal while you guys are down here. And maybe we can see if he can do 4 kids at once (with supervision, of course)!

Lauren said...


Thanks so much for your comment on our blog. I love knowing that you are following along....but I love even more that I can follow along with you and your crew on your blog!! When can I see you? I will be in West Palm in July...will you??? Much love to your crew from Tanzania...