Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Decline of Art Criticism

I was reading an article in Art in America about the decline of art criticism in newspapers and magazines, and the increase in galleries and buying of art. As I was talking about the article with Joffre I was torn between rolling my eyes in exasperation and giggling. No one is writing about art because they don't understand it, but they're buying it because the elite artists have convinced them it is Art. According to the article art criticism is in decline because the people who know about art can't write(which I struggle with), people aren't interested in veiwing art ("they'd rather be watching a movie" [that they understand]), and art writers need to stop using "ambiguity, technical language, or hyperbole" ( that's prety hard when the work is absurdly ambiguous). After I was done reading the article I turned a few pages to some work showing at the new Denver Art Museum and was confronted with featherless chickens with the heads of human babies in cast bronze. A vegan pro-abortionist was my guess but, really, featherless chickens with the heads of human babies.


Laurie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kim. It's funny that I can almost hear you talking as I read your posts. Thanks also for the link to Blogos. I guess I'd better start posting again! Hold me to it.

Kimberly said...

I've been told that I write just like I talk and that is not a good thing.
Yes, you do need to post!